Welcome to Synchronize Hip Hop School!

We are an amazing street dance school offering brilliant authentic classes in all styles of street dance.

With professional teachers with over 25 years of dance experience.

Come along to our classes and experience a sensational feeling of fun, knowledge and excitement.

We always offer the first lesson as a FREE trial.

We have many classes running all through the week so you're bound to find one that suits you!

We're looking forward to seeing you there!





Ryde Academy 

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Amazing classes for ages 4-18​

We are a community of support, education and

encouragement to achieve your dance goals.

Class times

Gemini's 1st place performance at the UK Championship qualifier 2019

Street Dance is for Everyone!

We as a school love to perform! 

And where better than at competitions across the country! 

Over the years we have taken part in numerous competitions! Very many times doing very well!! Money can't buy those smiles!

Styles we Love

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Old school and new! We love creating this style into crazy robotics, futuristic animations or taking it old school with the Electric Boogaloo! 


The true foundation to street dance! This is an amazing style keeping the funk, fun and performance in street dance! Taking it back to the roots with the authentic Don Campbell moves!


Getting down into the floor with some crazy footwork! Changing up the chest to show that jack ability with the occasional element of floor work!


The foundations to the school. Hip Hop is where we start, learning the bounce and the groove, building on the basics, get your 'Bart Simpson', 'Bobby Brown' and 'Smurf' looking fly!


This style was named after king Tut, we love the use of right angles and boxes to create crazy arm patterns, we use digits and old school tutting too! Come walk like an Egyptian with us!

Break dance

Its all about the floor work, learning the top rocks and get downs, to the real power moves like head spins, windmills and flairs, add your style and become a crazy B-boy or B-girl!


This beautifully sassy style gets that inner diva fired up! Concentrating on the foundations of the style means looking way back to the beginning of vogue and women's power. This over-the-top glam style is making a huge comeback and we love it!

9 -Drum- (sound, audio, play, music)


The Jamaican dance style has blown up with amazing songs allowing us to choreograph some brilliant routines. This party style dance has a real feel good vibe to it, body rolls and low knees make it feel like CARNIVAL!!!